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Conmpany profile

    Nanjing Special Metal Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter refer to as SMEC) is an NEEQ listed company and independent legal personality of the joint-stock enterprises. SMEC with registered capital RMB73,950,000.00, it has two factories located at 3088 Jiyin Road Jiangning District and Nanjing Airport Industrial Park in Nanjing China. 


    SMEC is specialized at designing and manufacturing pressure vessels made of zirconium, titanium, nickel alloys, copper alloys, tantalum, stainless steels and their cladding materials. The main products of SMEC include reactors, heat exchangers, separators and storage tanks, which are widely applied in a wide range of fields such as petro-chemicals, chemicals, pharmacy, metallurgy, power, electronics, sea engineering and environment protection.

    SMEC possesses Class A1 license for pressure vessel designing and manufacturing, Class A license for pressure piping manufacturing, Class GC2 certificate for pressure pipe installation as well as ASME U stamp. SMEC has also gained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSMS 18001 certificates. The credit ranking level of SMEC is AAA.


    SMEC sticks to “Professionalization, Globalization” strategy. SMEC has successfully completed lots of autonomous and demonstration equipment for domestic critical construction projects. The well-designed and manufactured special metal pressure vessels have also been exported to over 20 countries or regionsincluding US, Germany and Japan. SMEC has also delivered lots of high quality pressure vessels for BASF, Bayer, DuPont, Dow Chemicals, Evonik, AkzoNobel, and other well-known companies all over the world. 

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